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    Why You Should Start Taking Care of Your Body Now

    Last updated 1 year ago

    It is commonly recognized that the way you treat your body when you’re younger will have an effect on your ageing and health in later life. It’s never too late to start taking care of yourself and begin a new cycle of care to help improve your energy levels, overall health, appearance and self-confidence.

    Some people mistreat their body through consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, junk food, drugs and a lack of proper exercise. This affects some people more than others depending on genetics and their ability to naturally handle this kind of treatment. There are a few general factors that you need to think about when giving your body the best treatment in an effort to work towards prolonging your life and living healthily and happily.

    Getting enough sleep

    There is a lot of information about how much sleep is right for you and this will depend on your age and lifestyle. For example, Better Health recommends that adolescents need between 9 and 10 hours of sleep per night in order to reduce risk of depression and allow for better academic and athletic performance. It is worth researching how much sleep you need based on your age, lifestyle and health to ensure that you’re getting enough to properly maintain your body.

    Eating the right foods

    A lot of people struggle to find time or the knowledge to properly feed themselves. Eating junk food can often be a convenient solution to eating the healthier option of fruit, vegetables, protein and required sources of nutrition. Resources like Jamie’s 30 minute meals can help educate you on how to cook a delicious, nutritional meal as well as giving you the skills to prepare more basic nutritional dishes that will end up saving you money in the long run.


    Exercise is one of the most important requirements for maintaining your appearance and keeping the body strong and healthy. The challenge here is to maintain a consistent routine that allows for regular exercise sessions weekly, according to your limits and recommendations from a fitness professional.

    Avoiding Toxins

    Toxins such as tobacco can significantly contribute to premature ageing, creating lines and wrinkles in your face. This is on top of the other health risks that are associated with smoking.

    If you have reached a stage of life where you are finding it difficult to meet these requirements to improve your appearance, or if you have a physical characteristic that requires an experienced plastic surgeon to be corrected, you can contact Dr Anh Nguyen by phone (08) 6555 3480 or through our contact page.

    Skin Care Tips – Keeping Your Face Looking Fresh

    Last updated 1 year ago

    When it comes to taking care of your skin, your face should be made a priority. It can often be neglected and mistreated as a result of forgetting to remove makeup before going to bed, using harsh or irritating soaps to clean the face or getting too much sun, resulting in skin damage.

    Girls Health provide a few easy tips to make looking after your skin much easier:

    1.       Wash your face gently and regularly (at least once daily) using a mild cleanser.

    2.       Only use light, water based moisturisers with sunscreen (SPF30+ or higher).

    3.       If you have sensitive skin, use fragrance or perfume free products.

    4.       Always remove makeup before going to bed and use products that say “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic”.

    5.       Drink plenty of water (but not too much!).

    6.       Always wear sunscreen that is SPF 30+ or higher.

    These tips are tailored for teenagers that have developing skin but can apply to anyone interested in maintaining their appearance. It’s also important to consult a qualified skin professional should you experience any problems with your skin.

    If you have experienced sun damage or scarring of the skin, there are recognized treatments like Fraxel Laser therapy that can help reduce visible scarring and improve your overall appearance. Talk to the girls at Sculpt surgery by calling (08) 6555 3480 and book an appointment with Dr Anh Nguyen today.

    Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Women who are considering breast augmentation but also plan to potentially have children in the future often wonder whether the procedure could affect their chance of breastfeeding. In this interesting video from Breast Surgery Guide, you’ll find out some more details about breast surgery and the effects it could have on breastfeeding afterwards.

    In most cases, a breast augmentation will not affect your ability to breastfeed in the future. However, some kinds of breast surgery can also involve repositioning your nipples, and when your nipples are moved or interfered with during surgery, you are less likely to be able to breastfeed. In the majority of cases, however, a change in nipple sensation is the only thing that will affect breastfeeding.

    When considering breast surgery, it’s best to choose a reputable and qualified plastic surgeon and explain to them whether you are going to want to breastfeed or not. This can help them decide which cosmetic procedure will give you the results you are hoping for.

    If you’re considering breast augmentation and want to find out more about how it could improve the appearance of your breasts and potentially affect your chances of breastfeeding, call 08 6555 3480 and make an appointment with Dr Anh Nguyen. She’s a female plastic surgeon in Perth, committed to achieving great results and ensuring your comfort and confidence.

    Why It's Important to Look and Feel Your Best by Dr Anh Nguyen - Part 2

    Last updated 1 year ago

    You can find part one of this article here.

    Patients who return for review after having had a breast reduction for example, walk in with a newfound confident posture and positive grin because they feel they can wear the clothes they want, dance and play the sports they haven’t been able to before and be less self-conscious that people are looking at their faces rather than at their breasts, for example.

    Others who have felt they look tired and are concerned about their heavy eyelids report they look and feel “fresh” and more youthful after eyelid rejuvenation. I had a patient who was bothered by a scar on her back to the point that she did not cut her hair and never wore the outfits she wanted to because she was self-conscious about her back. After I revised the scar, she got a bob haircut, wore a dress with spaghetti straps and told me “you have no idea how you have transformed my life”. 

    Some critics may say that cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery is about vanity. Some may assert that cosmetic surgery is making us “fake” and “plastic”. All viewpoints should be taken into consideration when contemplating having any cosmetic intervention. But I think that appearances matter and we should never underplay the significance of aesthetics (that which deals with or relates to beauty) in all aspects of our life.  Helping improve how one looks for the benefit of a confidence boost is not only about vanity. Very few plastic surgeons would advocate extreme cosmetic surgery to the point it creates a look that is “fake” or “plastic”. As plastic surgeons, an aesthetically nice result that we strive to achieve is one that is natural and subtle.

    So if people have a desire to have fewer wrinkles or skin with fewer blemishes or a flatter tummy or breasts with greater cleavage or a nose that is more proportionate to their face, ultimately it is their choice to undergo a cosmetic intervention, so long as they are realistic in their expectations, not hurting themselves or anyone else and are well-informed about what is involved.

    I am not advocating that we should all have cosmetic treatments. For those of us who do not feel the need to, or do not want any, or have the body confidence without having any cosmetic intervention, then that is to be celebrated. I personally would love to wake up looking like some of the celebrity beauties but I know that that is not possible. And even some of them will acknowledge that looking good is a big part of their job and they need a lot of help to look that glamorous and gorgeous.  Having said that though, I still want to look good, if not my best when it matters most to me, because when I look great, I feel like I am at my best and can accomplish anything.

    Cosmetic enhancements – whether non-invasive (makeup, hairstyling, clothing etc) or invasive (surgical for eg.) – can help those looking for an improvement in their appearance, and this in turn, may have a positive impact on one’s self-esteem and well-being.

    Dr Anh Nguyen is a female plastic surgeon based in Perth, Western Australia that is dedicated to providing surgery for women by women with her all female team. You can contact her on (08) 6555 3480 or visit her website.

    Why It's Important to Look and Feel Your Best by Dr Anh Nguyen - Part 1

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Since recently fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes again, after 1 year after the birth of my son, I have regained my body confidence. I love going out. I love shopping for clothes. I will even consider taking my baby to swimming lessons as I am not afraid of wearing a swimsuit. I put more effort into putting on my makeup and styling my hair. Bottom line is I feel more confident when I look my best.

    Like so many people, that’s why I choose clothes that flatter my body. That’s why I wear makeup. That’s why so many people get orthodontic braces, colour and style their hair, paint their nails, pierce their ears etc etc etc. While some of us may not realize, our appearances matter to us – so much so that we do so many things to change and enhance how we look.

    So when women come to me wondering if I understand how they feel about their concerns, I can honestly say that I know what it feels like to feel self-conscious and or unattractive. I certainly did not like how my body had changed after having my son and I resented the fact that the weight did not fall off like it did when I had my daughter many years before that. I felt frumpy and self-conscious and did not like going out socially as I was too afraid to be seen by people who knew me, only to comment on how much weight I had put on.

    I understand that we are often our worst critics. I know that despite the fact that those around us accept, adore and love us as we are, it is still so important for US to look our best for OURSELVES. At the end of the day, what counts is how we feel.

    I have had Fraxel laser which has given my skin a healthy radiant glow. I initially tried wrinkle relaxants during an injectable course to experience what patients felt. I then loved the results it gave me that I have had wrinkle relaxants on and off since. I believe that I look less angry and I have fewer dynamic lines on my forehead because of the cosmetic injections. I recently tried fillers for the first time, again for the experience so I understood what my patients went through and also to test a product before I was to offer it to my patients. Admittedly I thought the injections of filler were a little painful, but I love the results.

    I personally feel I look better now than I did 10 years ago, and I certainly feel more confident. It feels great when friends and family comment, “you’re looking so good these days” or my close friends tease me and call me a “yummy mummy”. It is especially pleasing when no one close to me can tell what I have had unless they compare the subtle changes of the before and after photos. To me, this means that I still look like myself and I still look natural but I feel as though I look like a more attractive version of myself. And despite what critics may say, I want to look good and feel great about myself. And I am not alone.

    I get even greater satisfaction in helping my patients achieve the results they are after and seeing how it has changed their lives. I chose a career in medicine largely to help people and make a tangible difference to their lives. In some aspects of my work as a plastic surgeon, I treat skin cancers, reconstruct defects and perform trauma surgery, which in most cases, is largely about physical and functional outcomes. But the aspect of my work that I am passionate about is helping patients look better and feel more confident – and I see this in my cosmetic surgery practice.

    Part two of this article will be posted tomorrow so keep an eye out. Dr Anh Nguyen is a female plastic surgeon based in Perth, Western Australia that is dedicated to providing surgery for women by women with her all female team. You can contact her on (08) 6555 3480 or visit her website.

The information contained on this website and websites linked to this website (Information) does not comprise medical advice. Your use of the Information and use of and access to this website does not create any surgeon - patient relationship. [Dr Anh Nguyen] disclaims all warranties, guarantees and representations (either express or implied) about the accuracy, completeness, reliability, lawfulness or otherwise, of the Information.
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