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    Scars - new and old – and how to get them looking their best?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    There are a number of ways to help heal fresh scars (similar to the ones you’d get after plastic surgery), with one of the most popular being the use of silicone gel.

    Some of the benefits of using silicone gel are that it’s fairly easy to get a hold of, it maintains the skin’s moisture balance and it’s also transparent – meaning it can be used on visible scars without embarrassment.

    Indeed, make-up can even be applied over the gel if need be, making it ideal for treating facial scar wounds.

    Silicone gel, of course, isn’t the only way to treat scars. Many people swear by healing with Omnilux, which makes use of LED light (light emitting diodes) of different wavelengths to stimulate collagen and elastin and heal wounds. Others swear by Fraxel to improve the appearance of scars..

    A form of scar treatment that you might not have heard of, however, is massage therapy. This form of treatment involves firmly massaging the scar in circular motion to realign restrictive tissue around the scar and reorienting collagen bundles in the scar, so the scar is flatter.

    Along the same lines is pressure treatment, which aims to flatten scars and smooth them during the early part of the healing process. Pressure garments can be worn or pressure clips or dressings must be applied to a scar for 23 hours a day to produce maximal effect.

    Scars that may be itchy and red and raised may benefit from steroid treatment injected directly into the scar to reduce the exaggerated inflammatory response that is causing the symptoms of the scar. Typically a course of 3 steroid injections in the scar every 4-6 weeks may be required to flatten and lighten raised red scars.

    Some scars that are placed in unsightly planes and cannot be improved non-surgically may benefit from a scar revision which is a surgical procedure to reorient, realign and improve the scars appearance.

    It’s worth remembering that different sizes and types of scars might need to be treated in different ways – if you’re thinking of having plastic surgery in the near future or have just had it, consult with your surgeon over the best healing methods for you.

    To find out more about potential healing methods from a female plastic surgeon in Perth, call (08) 6555 3480 and speak to the team at Dr Anh Nguyen's Perth practice.

    Surgical Safety Checklist

    Last updated 2 years ago

    The above video from the American Society of Plastic Surgery warns against anyone considering travelling abroad to receive cheap plastic surgery. And rightly so – there are many horror stories of people going to unqualified cosmetic surgeons abroad and receiving a less than satisfactory service.

    Australians looking for plastic surgery are pretty well catered for right here in Oz, with plenty of high quality surgeons based across the country. On top of that, all reputable plastic surgeons here will cater to the World Health Organisation’s Surgical Safety Checklist.

    This checklist is filled out by members of the surgical team during any procedure, and it ensures that all necessary attention has been paid to some of the most important steps during surgery, and that the patient’s wellbeing is taken into full consideration every step of the way.

    It’s worth making sure that your surgeon will adhere to the checklist before agreeing to any procedures, and also be sure that you’re certain the surgeon is fully qualified to be performing the procedure.

    Always bear in mind that plastic surgery is permanent, and that by allowing anyone who isn’t qualified to operate on you you’re risking permanent disfiguration. With something as complex and delicate as cosmetic surgery, it’s always worth paying a little extra to be sure that you’re going to be satisfied with the end results.

    Many people have found that plastic surgery has turned their body image completely around, however anyone that lets an unqualified surgeon perform on them is risking serious and permanent damage.

    To speak with a fully qualified surgeon who offers plastic surgery in Perth, call 08 6555 3480, or make an appointment to speak to the team at Dr Anh Nguyen's Perth practice.

    Mother-Daughter Plastic Surgery A Growing Trend

    Last updated 2 years ago

    The above video illustrates how mothers and daughters going under the knife together and getting plastic surgery at the same time is growing in popularity.

    While the idea will obviously seem a little strange to some people, mother and daughter combos who have been through the process are quick to point out how having someone else support made them made the whole thing easier, and how doing so has actually brought them closer together.

    The mother/daughter joint surgery process certainly won’t be for everyone, but if both parties were thinking about it already then surely it isn’t all bad. After all, having someone to share your concerns with and also recover beside will help a lot of people through the process. Genetics also plays a part, with some easily fixed problems running in the family.

    Potential problems perhaps stem from anyone who feels pressured to go under the knife, just because their mother or daughter thinks it might be a good idea to do so together. It should go without saying that you should only ever opt into plastic surgery if you’re 100% convinced that it’s for you, and if you have even the slightest doubts then don’t let anyone talk you into it – even if they are your mother! Similarly, make sure the surgeon taking care of the procedures is fully qualified.

    It’s not just mothers and daughters who’re in on the act though – many best friends go through plastic surgery together citing the same reasons as above, and there have even been instances where husbands and wives have gone through the process with each other as well.

    If you’re keen to find out more about plastic surgery, get in touch with Dr Anh Nguyen. As a female cosmetic surgeon in Perth, she is perfectly placed to answer all of your questions. Call 08 6555 3480 to find out more.

    Most Common Reasons For Rhinoplasty

    Last updated 2 years ago

    For those who aren’t entirely familiar with the term, rhinoplasty refers to surgery carried out by plastic surgeons on a person’s nose, with the idea of restructuring the form of it.

    While most people associate the procedure with changing someone’s physical appearance, there are various reasons why people decide to get it done.

    Breathing Problems

    Many people have a structural defect in their nose which can make breathing difficult, and turn to rhinoplasty in order to correct it and live an easier life. People can either be born with a defect like this or suffer the effects of it after an injury.

    If you’re considering getting treatment for this reason though, it’s important to consult with a doctor first, and figure out whether surgery is the best option for you or if other’s are on the table.

    Structural Deformities Or Scarring

    Many illnesses such as cancer as well as accidental damage such as burns can cause structural deformation, in turn leading to a loss in self-esteem. Oftentimes people turn to rhinoplasty in order to correct these deformities, and allow the recipient to feel a little more confident about their appearance.

    Physical Appearance

    A lot of people simply decide to have a rhinoplasty procedure because they don’t like the way their nose looks. If you fall into that category then that’s fair enough – everyone’s entitled to be happy with the way they look – but be sure you’ve fully thought the decision through before committing to surgery.

    For answers to all of your questions about rhinoplasty and to find out more about rhinoplasty in Perth, be sure to call 08 6555 3480 to discuss your preferences and potential cosmetic choices with Dr Anh Nguyen's Perth practice.

    Fitness Tips To Tone Legs Or Bum

    Last updated 2 years ago

    If you’ve learned how to tone your upper body, and are now looking to tone up your legs or bum then you’re in luck – there are a number of exercises you can do target these specific areas.

    Single leg front raises

    One of the easiest ways to tone both your thighs and gluteal area at the same time is through single leg front raises. Start by simply standing with your feet shoulder width apart, with a 2.5kg dumbbell in each hand. Then bend your right leg, and raise it about ten centimetres off the ground so that you’re only standing on one leg. From there, hold both arms in front of you, then raise your left arm, holding for four, then your right arm, holding for four again.

    Repeat this exercise a few times over and your upper leg will be feeling the strain! Repeat it with the other leg next, and start reaping the benefits.


    One of the simplest ways to firm up your bum and thighs is through performing squats – simply place your hands in front of you, and squat down so that your bum gets as close to the floor as it can, before pushing back up with your legs. Do as many as you feel comfortable with before taking a break. You might feel some tightness for the next couple of days, but keep going with them and you’ll be glad you did. It’s also possible to do this exercise with dumbbells.

    Standing leg curl

    This is perfect for toning your calves – simply roll up a yoga mat or beach towel and place at the back of your knee, and hold it in place by lifting your foot off the floor to knee level. From there hold your arms in front of you at shoulder level and clasp them together. Lift your right knee about six inches and repeat for about 20 reps – you should feel the difference. When done, simply repeat with your left leg.

    For some advice on creating the body you're hoping for this summer, call 08 6555 3480 and speak to the trained, qualified and compassionate staff at Dr Anh Nguyen's Perth practice – she can help you every step of the way.

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