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    Weight Loss After Pregnancy

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Once your bub is born and you're starting to get used to life as a mother, the time might come when you're ready to think about yourself. It's only natural that you'll put on weight and your body will change during pregnancy, but dropping a dress size post-pregnancy can sometimes be harder than we'd like.  

    Exercising After Pregnancy

    Get back into the routine of exercising regularly and eating healthily once your little one is born and start regaining control of your body. For some great tips to help you ease yourself but into an exercise routine, have a look at this great video from personal trainer Michelle Bridges.

    Be realistic about the amount of weight you want to lose and remember that it's better to take things steadily and slowly, especially if you're still breastfeeding. Start off with light aerobic exercises such as walking, cycling and swimming. Another great way to stay in shape and start strengthening your body is to take up yoga, which you can also practise at home.

    Exercise also has the added advantage of potentially alleviating symptoms of post partum depression, meaning it can offer more benefits than simply helping you lose weight.

    Mummy Makeovers in Perth

    Some mothers find that the changes pregnancy has made to their bodies can't be reversed by diet and exercise alone. If you'd like to find out more about mummy makeovers that can help you feel more confident about your body, call (08) 6555 3480 and speak to the experts at Dr Anh Nguyen's Perth practice. She offers excellent care as well as support and understanding of her client's needs.

    Wrinkle Relaxants Becoming Popular as a Preventative Treatment

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The popularity of wrinkle relaxants as an affordable, non-surgical solution to many different health and cosmetic issues has long been established, but now it seems the well-loved injectable is also gaining ground as a preventative treatment.

    Traditionally, the treatment is thought of as an ideal way to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, however a growing number of young woman in their 20s are turning to wrinkle relaxants as a way to stave off the formation of wrinkles in the first place.

    According to a report on US news provider CBS Chicago, the trend is taking hold in America and it's not restricted to women. Plenty of men are also recognising the potential benefits of starting wrinkle relaxants early.

    This can be a successful way to combat the signs of ageing because wrinkle relaxants works by blocking nerve signals to facial muscles and therefore stopping expressions from causing wrinkles to form. By starting the treatment before wrinkles have had time to fully take hold, young women and men can enjoy fewer treatments for longer lasting results.

    It's estimated that by starting treatment early and keeping the formation of wrinkles in check, some people find they only need to return for another session every eight or nine months.

    For advice on starting wrinkle relaxants treatments or to book and appointment with a friendly and skilled cosmetic surgeon in Perth, be sure to contact Dr Anh Nguyen on (08) 6555 3480. Find out more about Dr Anh's experience and philosophy of cosmetic surgery for women, by women, today.

    How Men Can Keep Skin Looking Younger

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Growing older doesn't mean that it's time to give up on your appearance. With a few simple tips and great procedures, you can keep looking younger and more dynamic for longer. Taking your skincare seriously might not be top of your priorities now, but a little bit of care can go a long way in reducing lines, wrinkles and baggy eyes.

    Looking After Your Skin

    It's never too late to start wearing sunscreen when you're out and about. The sun's rays are responsible for all kinds of long lasting damage to your skin, so slap on some lotion before spending lots of time outside.

    Even better, you can combine your sun protection with a moisturising lotion that offers an SPF of at least 30, and keep your skin hydrated at the same time.

    The Benefits of Microdermabrasion

    A great way of turning back the clock and making your skin look and feel younger is be booking a course of microdermabrasion treatments. These short and simple cosmetic treatments essentially strip away the outer layer of dead skin, leaving you looking fresher, younger and smoother.

    You will normally need more than one session, but each treatment is short and typically pain free, making it an easy and ideal way to perk up your skin.

    Booking Microdermabrasion Treatments in Perth

    To find out more or to book your first appointment, call (08) 6555 3480 and speak to the team at Dr Anh Nguyen's Perth practice – you could soon be on your way to a younger looking you.

    Dealing With Dark Circles under Your Eyes

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Dark circles under the eyes can be a real problem for many men and women, who find themselves looking worn out and tired far more often than they would like. These marks can be caused by any number of reasons and eliminating the problem can be tricky. However, fillers and cosmetic procedures can offer an excellent solution and you can find out more about the process in this video from DermTV.

    Common Causes for Dark Circles under the Eyes

    A few of the causes of these unsightly circles include hay fever, dehydration, frequent rubbing of the eyes, going to bed with makeup on and excessive drinking. These are all factors that can worsen the appearance of dark circles or bags under the eyes, but cutting out all of these potential causes often isn't enough to remove the problem completely.

    Applying quality concealers and the correct shade of foundation for your skin tone can also help lessen the effect of dark circles under your eyes. If you're looking for a more permanent solution though, fillers could offer just the freedom from circles you're hoping for.

    Treatment For Under Eye Circles And Baggy Eyes

    Find out more about fillers and whether they could help you with the dark circles under your eyes or also discuss treatments for bags under your eyes by calling Dr Anh Nguyen on (08) 6555 3480. Based in Perth, she's a female cosmetic surgeon who provides excellent care and always looks for ways to improve the experience for her patients.

    Guardian UK - Lack of beauty sleep can affect your genes

    Last updated 10 months ago

    The Guardian UK has recently addressed research released from the Surrey Sleep Research Centre at Surrey University in the UK, which has revealed that sleeping less than six hours a night can affect the activity of many important genes controlling conditions such as diabetes or obesity.

    Besides sleep time and quality, as part of general wellbeing it is important to also consider diet and a regular exercise regime. A busy lifestyle in the modern world can often mean that certain factors of our lives are neglected - a shift in media focus on health and fitness can place an undue amount of pressure on physical 'perfection', rather than simply focussing on a positive mind and body perception.

    To speak to an expert in body sculpting, call Dr Anh Nguyen at Sculpt Surgery today on (08) 6555 3480.

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