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    Can Vitamins Improve Your Recovery Time?

    Last updated 8 months ago

    Once you've had your cosmetic procedure, there are certain lifestyle changes you can make to promote fast and healthy healing. An improvement in diet is just one way to help your body recover from cosmetic surgery more quickly, and a rich, vitamin packed menu is brilliant for boosting your body's natural defences.

    The Most Useful Vitamins

    While there are few scientific studies able to draw a clear cut line between specific vitamin infusions and speedy recovery times, there are some vitamins that are widely known to help the healing process.

    Amino acids, which can be found in foods like chicken, egg whites, fish, brown rice, healthy nuts like walnuts and almonds or sunflower seeds, are believed to help wounds heal faster.

    Vitamin C and zinc are also thought to be useful when it comes to recovery. Add vitamin C to your diet by increasing the amount of fresh citrus fruits and strawberries you eat, and consider fortified breakfast cereals or oysters to up your zinc intake.

    Some doctors also recommend supplements or vitamin shots to boost your post-op wellbeing, but the majority of evidence suggests that for the average, healthy person, vitamins and minerals are best absorbed as part of your healthy diet. If you are considering taking supplements, make sure you speak to your plastic cosmetic surgeon or GP first to make sure you're upping the dosage of the right vitamins.

    Cosmetic Surgery in Perth

    When you're ready to find out more about plastic and cosmetic surgery and recovery, get in touch with Dr Anh Nguyen, a female cosmetic surgeon in Perth who specialises in cosmetic treatments for women. Call (08) 6555 3480 to make an appointment.

    Post-operative Care Instructions: Face and Neck Lift

    Last updated 8 months ago

    After undergoing a face and neck lift, you're sure to be excited and looking forward to showing off your new and improved youthful appearance, but there are some important care instructions to follow first.

    After Your Surgery

    Make sure you have someone available to drive you home and stay with you on the first night at home since surgery. When you go to bed, sleep on your back and use several pillows to keep your head elevated at a 30-45 degree angle. You should keep this routine up for the first four to five days.

    Leave your bandages in place until your post-op appointment and keep them dry when bathing. A warm, damp washcloth can be used to clean your face and neck.

    Take all medications as prescribed – pain relief as required, anti-swelling medications such as Arnica and Dexamethasone where prescribed and antibiotics.

    Ways to Help You Heal

    You can use gel or ice packs to reduce discomfort or swelling in the days following surgery. It’s also very important that, once your bandages are removed, you continue to wear the facial garment provided. This is also great for helping to reduce swelling.

    It's best if you keep in optimal health through a healthy lifestyle – cigarette/nicotine free, diet rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, protection against harmful UV rays, minimise stress and sufficient rest.

    Avoid submerging your face and neck in water for at least six weeks and don't carry out any strenuous exercise during this time either.

    For more post-operative care instructions for cosmetic procedures such as neck and face lift, brow lift and Rhinoplasty, contact Dr Anh Nguyen on (08) 6555 3480 or visit her website.

    How to Speed Up Recovery Time After Cosmetic Surgery

    Last updated 8 months ago

    The way you choose to live your life in the days, weeks and months following cosmetic surgery can have a big effect on how successfully you heal. There are a number of things you can do to promote recovery and there are also some things you should make sure you avoid.

    Looking After Yourself

    You may think that by avoiding taking pain medication you are doing yourself a favour. However, when it comes to post-operative recovery, this isn't necessarily the case. By trying to be stoic and ignoring the pain, you can actually raise your blood pressure and therefore cause more bruising and pressure under the skin. If your doctor has given you a medication regime to follow, you should stick to it.

    It's also wise to avoid spending too much time lounging around and lying down. While you might need to take it easy after your surgery, you shouldn’t be bedbound for too many hours of the day as it's better for you to stay active. Just avoid any exercise or activity that's likely to raise your blood pressure.

    You'll also want to think about what you put into your body. Fruit juice is great because not only does it provide lots of vitamins, it can help counteract some of the constipating effects of any pain medication you might be on. You also need plenty of protein and carbohydrates to help your body heal.

    For expert cosmetic consultation and procedures in Perth, contact Dr Anh Nguyen on (08) 6555 3480.

    Sculpt Surgery: Patient Diary

    Last updated 8 months ago

    My name is Teeghan and I am a 23 year old female. I have always considered having a breast augmentation, but it wasn’t a decision I wanted to take lightly.

    I knew that it would be something that I would have to live with for, basically the rest of my life, and was concerned about not liking the end results, the pain and what surgeon to choose.

    My original breast size was already a C cup, so some would say, it wasn’t completely necessary, but for me, it was all about my confidence and my own image of what I thought my breasts should look like. I always felt like my breasts were too low and just wanted a rounder, fuller shape.

    After having a number of consults with surgeons in Tasmania and Perth, when meeting Dr Anh Nguyen, I felt completely comfortable and the extra bonus was she was a female.  I was given all the information to go away with and make an informed decision with no pressure to book any surgery, until I knew it was absolutely what I wanted. Once I decided to continue, I met with Dr Nguyen and her nurse, to go through my measurements and what implants would be suitable for my size, and what I wanted. I was also able to test some actual implants to see what they would actually feel like in a bra, which not a lot of surgeons I had seen allow you to do. Previously I was told to go home and put rice in a sock and put it in my bra, which trust me feels nothing like implants.

    I like a natural looking breast, so my choice for my frame was a 390H, once this was all decided it was actually a pretty quick process.

    I had never had any surgery like this at all before, and I was very scared. Once I was in the hospital, I was made feel so comfortable and relaxed with the whole surgical team that Dr. Nguyen had with her, and it felt like it was all over in minutes. (Obviously I was asleep and it was more like 1 hour and a half).

    I left hospital within a few hours, and lucky for me had a great partner to help me around the house with the cooking and cleaning for a few days. All in all I found the pain and the healing after my surgery really quick and very tolerable. I wasn’t able to sleep on my side for about a week, but I just nestled myself in a cocoon of pillows, so sleeping wasn’t too bad either.  The days following my surgery I received calls from Dr Nguyen herself and her nurses, to check in on me and make sure I was ok,and see how I was feeling.  She even gave me her mobile number in case I had any issues, and I don’t know any other surgeon that would do that.

    The few days following my surgery, they did feel very firm and unusual, but as each day passed, they settled in and molded to my body shape.

    The end results are AMAZING; I didn’t know how happy it could actually make me. But I feel so great. I have so much more confidence. It’s defiantly a personal decision to get any sort of surgery but I would highly recommend Dr. Anh Nguyen to anyone. She is a fantastic surgeon and a lovely person, as are the rest of her surgical team. I can’t thank her enough.

    For more information on numerous topics related to plastic surgery, check out Dr Anh Nguyen's blog If you're considering breast augmentation or another cosmetic procedure, give the team at Sculpt Surgery a call on (08) 6555 3480.

    Surgical Versus Non-surgical Procedures

    Last updated 9 months ago

    There are many different cosmetic solutions that can leave you looking younger and feeling more confident. However, when it comes to improving self-confidence through cosmetic surgery, will you choose the surgical or the non-surgical route?


    The nature of non-surgical solutions means they can have shorter lasting effects than surgical procedures. A face and neck lift will offer a more permanent solution to sagging skin or wrinkles than injectables such as Botox, making the surgical route popular with people who are looking for a more permanent solution.


    Non-surgical solutions are typically more cost-effective than surgical ones. This is due to a number of factors, including time, expertise and aftercare. Some non-surgical treatments can be carried out in a single, short sitting, while a surgical procedure needs more time and attention to ensure that the results are the best they can be.

    Recovery Times

    You should also factor in recovery times if you are considering undergoing a cosmetic treatment. Some surgical treatments will need a lot more recovery time than others and many non-surgical treatments need virtually no recovery time at all. If you're looking for a way to improve your appearance before a special occasion, recovery times can be especially important.

    Female Cosmetic Surgery in Nedlands

    A good cosmetic surgeon can help you consider all of the potential benefits of both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Find out more by getting in touch with Dr Anh Nguyen, a female plastic surgeon in Perth who offers both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, on (08) 6555 3480.

The information contained on this website and websites linked to this website (Information) does not comprise medical advice. Your use of the Information and use of and access to this website does not create any surgeon - patient relationship. [Dr Anh Nguyen] disclaims all warranties, guarantees and representations (either express or implied) about the accuracy, completeness, reliability, lawfulness or otherwise, of the Information.
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